Thinking of working in Japan?

Some of the jobs we introduce to our members

Maintenance, HR/general office, PR, law, accounting/finance, banking, overseas business, sales, business management, marketing, advertising, market research, office work (English), language instruction, translation/interpretation, proofreading, IT, planning, R & D, manufacturing, quality control, purchasing/trade, overseas operations, secretarial, education, daycare, medical, nursing, realty, shipping, hotel/inn, food & beverage, modeling/acting

How it works

1.Job Matching

Once you have registered, our staff will match your experience and interests with available positions (full-time/contract). After successfully completing an interview and employment tests with the company, you will be offered a position. All of our services are absolutely free.


Your employment contract is with Randstad, but your place of employment is the company which interviewed you. Your salary will be paid by Randstad. With dispatch work, you can choose your hours and term of employment to fit your lifestyle.

3.Finding the right fit for you

After completing the initial dispatch period, you can continue as either a contract or permanent employee. By actually working at the company, you can see for yourself if the work is a good fit for you, as well as learn about the company before becoming either a permanent or contract employee.

About registration

Our registration system is available 24 hours a day to foreigners over the age of 18 who live in Japan and have a valid working visa. After registering, you will be matched with employment opportunities that fit your skills, experience and interests. You will also be able to receive the latest job information by e-mail.


You must register with Randstad before being introduced to suitable job openings.

※After we receive your registration, a coordinator will contact you.
※You will receive our employment news e-mails as soon as new information becomes available.

STEP2Initial Consultation

One of our coordinators will ask you about your work experience and preferred position, and provide information and counseling about the current employment market.

STEP3Japanese Language Ability Check

Your Japanese language ability will be checked by a qualified Japanese teaching consultant or coordinator. The focus will be on grammar, pronunciation, and expression.

STEP4Initial Matching

You will be matched with employment opportunities that fit with your skills and interests. With your permission, your CV will be sent to the company.


If the company is interested in interviewing you, we will arrange the interview.

※We also provide interview training.

STEP6Preliminary Decision

Expectations and details of employment conditions will be confirmed between you and the hiring company.

STEP7Start Your New Job

Begin your employment with the hiring company.

※One of your staff will accompany you on your first day of work.

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We at Randstad are committed to providing support for foreign residents in Japan seeking employment, or who would like to gain new experience by changing jobs. Registering is the first step!

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